How many people enjoyed seeing Tiger Woods lose the Masters?

mulligan, 12 April 2010, Comments Off on How many people enjoyed seeing Tiger Woods lose the Masters?
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Schadenfreude is a great German word that means you take pleasure in the misfortunes of other.

Well, Bruce Jenkins openly admits that he took pleasure in seeing Tiger Woods lose the Masters and everyone he talked to shared the same feeling. Jenkins writes:

“There was always a bit of the punk in Tiger Woods, but I always loved watching him play, and I always wanted him to win. The whole show was just too compelling. It wasn’t that way over the weekend. I wanted Tiger to lose — and it’s not just the sex thing. The guy’s just too weird.”

I got that opinion from everyone I talked to about the Masters — men, women, teenagers, younger kids, hard-core fans, casual observers. Go, Phil. Tiger’s the bad guy now. He may eventually get past the stigma of his heinous off-course behavior, but I’m not sure he’s bright enough to shake the weirdness.

The Golf Blog says: we didn’t share the same feeling as Jenkins. It was a great tourney and having Tiger Woods in the mix was certainly better for the competition. We do have to admit that we’ve supported Tiger a lot in the past and probably are not as big supporters as we were. Had we been forced to pick between Phil and Tiger yesterday, we would have picked Phil in a heartbeat. How could you not, with his wife and mom battling breast cancer this year? But we weren’t rooting against Tiger. We do agree, though, with Jenkins that Tiger’s new Nike commercial using his dead father’s voice was in very, very poor taste.


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