Is Tiger Woods breaking up with coach Hank Haney? — Is Butch Harmon now smiling?

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The Golf Blog says: After Tiger Woods gave less than a ringing endorsement to his swing coach Hank Haney, and Haney gave a more than defensive reply that he’s still Woods’s coach, the rumor mills are swirling that Tiger Woods may be breaking up with Haney soon.

Well, now, opinionated NBC analyst Johnny Miller has come out swinging in favor of a change: “”He needs a new, fresh, either teacher or just go back to what is natural to his game. What he is working on now, I believe is, no disrespect for Hank Haney, but it is not working. And sometimes when it is not working, sometimes you have to get off the fork in the road and get back to what brung you there and what won all these championships for him.”

Wow, gotta love Johnny! No offense, Hank!

Johnny believes that Tiger needs to go back to his swing of 2000 when he dominated the US Open at Pebble Beach. “It might be a little harsh, but I really believe he needs to, every night, watch the U.S. Open in the year 2000 at Pebble and just copy that swing and forget the Haney stuff. I mean, that was the best golf anybody has ever played in history.”

Of course, Woods was coached by Butch Harmon back then. Butch coaches Phil Mickelson now (and a host of others, including Ernie Els, Phil Mickelson, and Adam Scott). We all know the split between Butch and Tiger was not amicable, mainly because Tiger appeared to dump Butch. Over the years since the split, Butch has traded some thinly veiled barbs at Tiger and his troubles with his swing after he left. In 2007, Butch even boasted that his new pupil Phil Mickelson would overtake Tiger for No. 1 in the World in “a couple of years.”

Wait a second! Butch Harmon’s boast is not so fanciful after all. Harmon must be gloating to himself…and probably soon to all of us.


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