Tiger Woods’ knee injuries and sexual activity — related?

mulligan, 09 May 2010, Comments Off on Tiger Woods’ knee injuries and sexual activity — related?
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The Golf Blog says: As details emerge about Tiger Woods’ extracurricular sexual activity (with some reports that he had sex with over 120 women during his marriage, which breaks down to about 2 new women per month), so do questions about the possible relationship to his knee injuries. In 2008, Tiger had ACL reconstruction after a history of knee injuries and previous surgeries. At the time, we all assumed his knee injuries were caused by the torque on his knee caused by his golf swing. But golf may not have been the only source of stress on Tiger’s knees. What about all the sexual activity with multiple partners for over 5 years? If the allegations are true that Tiger enjoyed rough sex in marathon sessions, possibly in threesomes, then one can only begin to wonder how Tiger’s sexual escapades may have affected his knee. To think that Tiger would have jeopardized his golfing career by aggravating his knee with constant sexual activity with multiple partners would have seemed fantastical a year ago. But, after the revelations, anything seems possible.


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