Time Magazine selects Phil Mickelson over Tiger Woods for 100 Most Influential List

mulligan, 03 May 2010, Comments Off on Time Magazine selects Phil Mickelson over Tiger Woods for 100 Most Influential List
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The Golf Blog says: What does it mean that Time Magazine selected Phil Mickelson for one of its 100 Most Influential People in the World list over Tiger Woods–and even had Jack Nicklaus write the tribute to Phil? If that were not enough, Time selected Phil as one of its “Heroes.” And Jack Nicklaus praised Mickelson for his openness with fans and his relationship with his family! Jack wrote, “I have long enjoyed the engaging personality of Phil Mickelson, 39, and the smile that has endeared him to many fans. We have all celebrated Phil’s victories and cried with him over the struggles faced by his wife Amy and his mother. Family has always been my priority, and their presence outside the ropes has underlined every win. After he won this year’s Masters, I imagine that slipping into a third green jacket would not have meant nearly as much to Phil had he not first slipped into the embrace of his family. That’s the way it should be. My wife Barbara and I are proud to call Amy and Phil friends.”

Wow. Those are eloquent words from Jack Nicklaus praising Phil Mickelson, but the tribute also can be read as criticism of Tiger Woods. Tiger Woods has never been known for his smile or warmth with fans. And, now, Tiger will never be known as a “family man,” not after bedding apparently over 120 women during his marriage. Everything Phil is praised for, Tiger is not.


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