The Golf Blog: Anna Rawson exclusive interview, Part 2

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OK, dear Readers, today is Part 2 of our exclusive interview with the beautiful Anna Rawson. She’s amazing!

The Golf Blog: What’s your favorite guilty pleasure?

Anna Rawson: Coffee and Chocolate. I drink way too much coffee, sometimes 3 or 4 cups a day. And I am a real sucker for Lindt chocolate.

The Golf Blog: Brad Gilbert said he couldn’t stand Vegemite when he tasted it while announcing the Australian Open. For those of us who haven’t had it yet, can you describe what it tastes like? Do you like it?

Anna Rawson: Vegemite is an acquired taste. It tastes like salt to me! It’s a spread, so you only put on a little bit over butter. It’s not like peanut butter where you put it on real thick, I only put on a little bit, and it tastes great!

The Golf Blog: Given your busy schedule and world traveling, do you have time to date or have a serious relationship? At this stage of your career, how do you balance work and your personal life?

Anna Rawson: It is always a challenge to balance both personal and professional life. I think most busy people can relate to that. I spend a lot of time focusing on both parts of my life because if my professional life takes over, I tend to struggle emotionally which in turn affects my professional life. It is definitely hard to balance but then end of the day the focus is on being happy, not how many golf tournaments I have won or how much money I have in the bank.

The Golf Blog: You are doing some great work with to prevent teen suicide. How did you become involved in this endeavor? What message do you have for teens?

Anna Rawson: Last year I had numerous people contact me saying that I was an inspiration to their children. Each of these people had lost their partner to suicide or cancer or some other tragedy. These parents said that I gave their children hope that they could still achieve their dreams. This made me realize that my story can help others. So I researched charities involved with suicide and found inspire. My message to teens is to dream big and to never stop chasing your dreams. Everything in my life that I have ever dreamed about has come true! The other thing I would tell them is it is so important to be active. Playing sports when I was young saved me from feeling down. Getting active and interacting with other kids is so important and can be very uplifting. My sport of choice: GOLF!

The Golf Blog: Do you enjoy blogging or tweeting more?

Anna Rawson: I like both!


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