The Golf Blog: Anna Rawson exclusive interview, Part 1

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Dear readers, you’re in for a treat. We interviewed the stunning Anna Rawson and asked her a little about her golf and life. Today is Part 1 of the interview, in which she reveals how she felt about Tiger Woods.

The Golf Blog: Hi, Anna, thanks for taking the time to chat with us. Let’s start off with the question that all of us want to know. Many people know you as a sexy model or as one of the “GoDaddy girls.” Do you ever feel that you have something more to prove on the golf course, to show people that you aren’t just a “pretty girl”? How much pressure do you feel to get your 1st victory on the LPGA tour?

Anna Rawson: When I first started out as a professional, I thought I had a lot to prove. But once I made the LPGA tour and started to have some good results, I knew I no longer had anything to prove. Winning golf tournaments is very difficult. Anyone who plays the game understands this. So I don’t feel pressure to win, but I do feel pressure to play well.

The Golf Blog: We all know that the LPGA had a tough year last year financially with the loss of sponsors and change of commissioners. Some golf writers–The Golf Blog included–say that what the LPGA really needs is someone with star power to fill the void left by Annika Sorenstam, whether it be Michelle Wie, Natalie Gulbis, yourself, or someone else with star appeal. Does it ever cross your mind that your success might help the LPGA’s success?

Anna Rawson
: The competition on tour today is so strong that I don’t feel that anyone player can dominate the way Annika did. I do feel that if we build the stories of the top players in the media unrelated to their golf games or winning the fans will become more interested. This is why I do a lot of modeling work outside the golf industry. I am trying to attract new fans to the sport. My passion is to raise the profile of women’s golf. I want young girls to grow up saying they want to play golf!

The Golf Blog: Were you surprised that Lorena Ochoa retired at such a young age of 28 years old? You’re about the same age. Does that make you think, What should I be doing next?

Anna Rawson: Not surprised at all. The tour life is a tough life. I know it looks glamorous from the outside, but travelling week to week, being away from family and friends is a sacrifice, and it’s tough on people. In my mind, she also had nothing left to accomplish. She did it all. I had a much different route to the tour than Lorena. I graduated from college, and therefore started playing professionally later than her. I also still have a lot left to accomplish.

The Golf Blog: Were you surprised by all the revelations about Tiger Woods?

Anna Rawson: I was very surprised and disappointed. He was a role model to me and so many other people.

Stay tuned tomorrow for Part 2!


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