The Golf Blog: Why Tiger Woods should get Johnny Miller as swing coach

mulligan, 10 August 2010, Comments Off on The Golf Blog: Why Tiger Woods should get Johnny Miller as swing coach
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The Golf Blog says: OK, dear readers, Tiger Woods is shopping for a new swing coach. Sean Foley (coach to young guns Sean O’Hair and Hunter Mahan) and Brian Mogg (YE Yang’s coach) are reportedly strong candidates. Foley apparently advised Tiger to keep his head from moving–which led to Stevie Williams holding a club to Tiger’s head during his backswing yesterday (click here for photo). Before the deal is done, let us tell you why we think Tiger Woods should pick Johnny Miller as his swing coach.

It’s simple: Johnny Miller knows Tiger’s game better than Tiger. It was Johnny who in May of this year who advised Tiger Woods to “ditch” Hank Haney. Tiger did. It was Johnny who, eight years ago, correctly predicted that Tiger would face more distractions from golf and his best golf (the amazing run under Butch Harmon) was already behind him.

Johnny is blunt, but he’s usually on target. He has the gravitas to stand up to Tiger and tell it like it is. At this point in his life, that’s what Tiger needs. And Johnny would be the first swing coach for Tiger who actually won 2 majors, so he would understand things about winning that no other coach could. The other thing is: Johnny has no other students, so he could give Tiger his exclusive attention. That’s what Tiger likes (a la Hank Haney)!


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