The Golf Blog: Tiger Woods will lose World No. 1 ranking — finally!

mulligan, 27 October 2010, Comments Off on The Golf Blog: Tiger Woods will lose World No. 1 ranking — finally!
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The Golf Blog says: Next Monday, Tiger Woods — who hasn’t won all year — will finally lose his reign at World No. 1 in golf, either to Lee Westwood or Martin Kaymer (if he wins this week).

All of this proves 1 thing: the Official World Golf Rankings are a complete joke. They rely too heavily on past success in previous years and do not reflect the best player of the year. The Golf Blog proposes the following changes to the scoring system:

1. RELIANCE on past year’s rankings: Past success or ranking for a golfer from the previous year should get factored into the current year’s scoring system only for a limited time. As each week of the new season passes, the reliance on the previous year’s ranking will decrease. For example, at Week 1, 100% reliance on the past year’s ranking. But, by the end of let’s say the 2nd month, the reliance on past year’s successes will shrink to 0%.

2. CURRENT SEASON PERFORMANCE: Once the reliance on past year’s performance ends, the World Ranking will be based entirely on the player’s current season performance.

Under this system, Tiger Woods would have lost his World No. 1 Ranking by the middle of the 2010 season.


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