The Golf Blog: Why did Erica Blasberg commit suicide?

mulligan, 15 December 2010, Comments Off on The Golf Blog: Why did Erica Blasberg commit suicide?
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The Golf Blog: SI’s Alan Shipnuck has just finished the most comprehensive article analyzing Erica Blasberg’s suicide. Although the article is quite lengthy, it is worth a read. Click here for the article

Couple revelations worth highlighting: Erica’s suicide note was hand-written. It mentioned how lonely she was. It also mentioned that she thought she could play golf at a top level, but was not sure if she had the commitment to achieve that level.

This is a terrible tragedy. The article indicates Erica displayed some signs of depression and even a suicidal threat. If our memory serves us correct, we do remember how Erica tweeted how it was so “lonely” being on the road on the LPGA tour. Maybe hindsight is 20-20, but it’s unfortunate professional help was not sought.

Erica Blasberg in interview in Mexico a few weeks before suicide


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