The Golf Blog: Jack Nicklaus speaks about Tiger Woods’ problems

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The Golf Blog says: Last year, Jack Nicklaus discussed how 2010 would be a very big year for Tiger Woods’s quest to beat his record. Because 3 of the majors last year were at favorite places of Tiger’s–Augusta, Pebble Beach, and St. Andrews, Jack felt that Tiger could essentially put himself in prime position to beat the record 18 majors held by Jack. Tiger, however, went 0-fer the majors last year and didn’t even win a tourney. Jack predicted that Tiger would have a more difficult time in beating his record if Tiger failed to win. (See here for last year’s comment)

Well, this year, Jack is striking a different tune. As reported by The Palm Beach Post, Jack commented extensively about Tiger, his indiscretions, divorce, swing changes, and chance of beating his record.

In one surprising quote, Jack tried to give Tiger the benefit of the doubt about his past sexual affairs: “I think, basically, Tiger is a really … he got maybe off the track, but I think he’s really a principled kid and I think … did he have some wayward? … yes. But are we all perfect? No.”

As to breaking Jack’s record, Jack expressed surprise that Tiger hasn’t bounced back with victories yet, but he thought Tiger still would eclipse 18 majors: “I still think he’ll break my record.”

Not sure how to take Jack’s comment. Is it sincere? Or is it some voodoo mind game to psyche out Tiger? Last year’s comment suggested that Tiger would have a more difficult time to beat Jack’s record if he didn’t win any majors last year at Tiger’s favorite courses–sure enough, Tiger didn’t win any. Now this year’s comment Jack has changed his tune somewhat, expressing the view that Tiger will break his record. One thing is for sure: Jack knows exactly where Tiger is at in his race to beat Jack’s record–still trailing by 4 majors to tie, and by 5 to capture the record.


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