The Golf Blog: Tiger Woods’ swing problems related to chicken legs — Kenny Perry theory

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The Golf Blog says: In the past two weeks, a gaggle of PGA golfers have chimed in on Tiger Woods’ current slump and winless drought. First, Bubba Watson suggested Tiger was getting too “mental” with his golf swing and overanalyzing everything. Rocco Mediate said that Tiger’s new swing under Sean Foley was exacerbating his knee problems because Tiger was now putting more weight on the left leg during impact. Paul Azinger suggested that Tiger might benefit from psychological counseling and just needs a good “shoulder to cry on.” Mark O’Meara suggested Tiger has lost some of his passion for golf and wished he would just reach out to his friends like O’Meara. That’s what friends are for, and who needs enemies?

Well, now, Kenny Perry has a new theory, which we’ll call the “chicken legs” theory, for the lack of a better name. Perry suggests that Tiger has overdeveloped his upper body like a defensive back, but “his legs are still little.” Perry speculated, “So is his lower body struggling to support his heavier, muscular upper body? I don’t know, maybe it is.”

Not sure Tiger would like any part of his body being called “little,” especially not in the lower half. Perry, though, may have a point in the overdevelopment of the upper body. Tiger has a great physique, but his driving distance has not kept up with the bombers on tour. Even Phil Mickelson–whose body is, by no means, cut–outdrives Tiger on a regular basis. As far as Tiger’s swing troubles, however, it’s probably too hard to say how, if at all, working out has affected Tiger, positively or negatively.


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