The Golf Blog: Should Greg Norman apologize to Tiger Woods?

mulligan, 30 October 2011, Comments Off on The Golf Blog: Should Greg Norman apologize to Tiger Woods?
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The Golf Blog says: In the past few weeks, Greg Norman suggested that Tiger Woods may never win a major again, even though Tiger’s only 35 years old. Then, Norman suggested that Tiger didn’t deserve to be on the President’s Cup team–for the U.S. squad. Norman’s coaching the International team.

Norman is entitled to his opinion, but his comments seem questionable. Whether or not Tiger wins a major again is rank speculation. He’s only 35 years old and time would suggest, yes, Tiger will win again–probably multiple times. But it’s pointless to debate the issue because only time will tell. And it seems inappropriate for a fellow golfer to say that another golfer won’t win a major again. Just imagine if Tiger Woods said that Greg Norman won’t win another major or even a tournament again. Talk about choke.

On the other issue–selection of the U.S. team by Fred Couples–Norman is also out of line. A captain’s pick is a captain’s pick, and Fred Couples is the captain of the U.S. Team. Norman picked Robert Allenby as a captain’s pick for the International team, and surely that pick is more questionable than selecting Tiger.

So what’s gotten into Norman? Perhaps it’s pre-President Cup’s gamesmanship. Perhaps it’s jealousy. Norman was World No. 1 for 331 weeks, the second longest run since the rankings were instituted. Tiger, of course, had the longest run at 623 weeks. Norman won only 2 majors and had several memorable collapses and near misses at the majors during his career. Tiger currently has 14 majors. You get the picture. Perhaps the Shark can’t stand being known more for his failures.


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