The Golf Blog: Does Stevie Williams hate Tiger Woods?

mulligan, 06 November 2011, Comments Off on The Golf Blog: Does Stevie Williams hate Tiger Woods?
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The Golf Blog says: It’s sad. Stevie Williams caddied for Tiger Woods over 12 years, including 13 of 14 major wins for Tiger. The two men were each other’s best man at their respective weddings and seemed, by all appearances, buddy-buddy. Stevie did a lot of the dirty work for Tiger on the course by confiscating cameras and stopping spectators from taking photos. Of course, Stevie stood by Tiger during the sex scandal, one of the few friends Tiger hung onto. This past year, though, Tiger fired Stevie after he requested to caddy for Adam Scott while Tiger was injured.

After Adam won the Bridgestone Invitational, Stevie Williams said it was the best win of his life. Williams received flak for seeming to elevate himself over Adam Scott–and for belittling the major wins by Tiger.

Well, you can still see things are raw with Williams. At a caddie dinner this week, Williams let loose with a remark about sticking the victory up Tiger Woods’s “black a——.” Williams apologized on his website for his racial remark. It’s hard to believe the relationship has soured to this extent.


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