The Golf Blog: Tiger Woods’ birthday, will he win a major beyond age 36?

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The Golf Blog says: Tiger Woods turns 36 years old today. Happy birthday, Tiger! The burning question is: will Tiger end his majors drought and win another major in the coming year(s). He and Jack Nicklaus are tied in terms of majors (14) at the age of the 36 years old.
Click here for the Tiger v. Jack chart.

Jack won his final four majors at age 38, 40 (twice), and 46. That means that Tiger Woods has 3 more years to win just 1 major to keep pace with Jack. For comparison, Tom Watson never won a major after age 33, although he almost won the British Open at age 59. Phil Mickelson won his 3 majors from ages 33 to 35. Vijay Singh won his last major of his 3 majors at age 41. Mark O’Meara won his 2 majors at age 41.

These numbers suggest that Tiger Woods has a lot of time left to beat Jack Nicklaus’s record of 18 major, barring an injury. Even using a conservative figure of 41 years old as the final year of Tiger’s major run, Tiger Woods has 6 years (24 majors) left to win 5 majors. If Tiger wins two majors this year, which suddenly is a more realistic possibility with the swing changes coming into form, he will be well ahead of Jack’s pace.


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