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The Golf Blog says: Chipping a golf ball can be one of the most difficult shots in golf, if one doesn’t understand the basics of the chip shot. The video above provides excellent instruction on these fundamentals.

We’ve been studying the chip shot at the start of 2012, in order to shave a few strokes off our score. We’re not experts, but here are a few key swing thoughts we’ve been working on.

1. Stance is key.
A good setup is the key to hitting a good chip. Keep a narrow stance with feet close together, and more of the weight on the left side. The ball should be played closer to the right foot (back of the stance), so the hands are ahead of the ball. This will help to ensure the club hits the ball first instead of the ground.

2. Grip and grip pressure.
Grip the club like a normal full shot if you have a normal lie. (You might have to choke down if the lie is on a hill or the lie otherwise requires it.) Remember to keep your grip pressure light. A tight grip is the worst enemy to a good chip. If you chili dip or flub your chip shots, like we sometimes do, chances are that you are tightening up before impact. We’ve been working on this a lot because it’s a problem we’ve encountered often. One helpful drill is to chip with only one hand; we use the right hand on these drills.

3. Swing path.
The biggest difference between the chip shot and a full swing is the swing path. The chip shot stays more down the line, in a way similar to a putt. In other words, the head of the club follows more of a straight line, chasing the direction of the ball. By contrast, in the full swing, the swing path curves around the body before and after impact. Take a look at the video above, and study the motion of the clubhead. This is such a basic point, but we didn’t fully appreciate this until recently.

Tiger Woods chipping in

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