The Golf Blog: Is the Tiger Woods era over?

mulligan, 06 March 2012, Comments Off on The Golf Blog: Is the Tiger Woods era over?
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The Golf Blog says: Rory McIlroy is the new World No. 1 golfer at age 22 years old. He is the second youngest golfer to achieve that distinction, only a few months older than Tiger Woods (then 21 years old in 1997) when he assumed the No. 1 status. Both won the same number of tournaments (6) to achieve that distinction. Both had won at least 1 major. Tiger, however, was No. 1 for only 1 week, as Ernie Els, Greg Norman, and David Duval gained that spot before Tiger overtook them again.

Now that Rory is No. 1, despite a valiant final round 62 by Tiger at the Honda, we should ask: Is the Tiger Woods era over in golf? It just may be. Perhaps deep down in Tiger’s psyche he sensed on Sunday the young upstart McIlroy was about to do to him what he had done to Greg Norman. Had he succeeded with the valiant charge on Sunday, Tiger would have staved off McIlroy for at least one more week. Tiger’s Sunday charge was, however, too little, too late.


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