The Golf Blog: Has Tiger Woods lost his magic forever?

mulligan, 05 May 2012, Comments Off on The Golf Blog: Has Tiger Woods lost his magic forever?
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The Golf Blog says: As Tiger Woods missed only his 8th cut of career, Bob Ryan of The Boston Globe was on PTI yesterday, saying that Tiger Woods has become just another pro golfer. He and Michael Wilbon wondered if Tiger Woods had lost the putting magic that he had so long held.

We’ve heard some people boldly predict that Tiger Woods will never win a major again. We find that kind of talk foolish, given that Tiger is only 36 years old and a number of other golfers won majors well after that age. Jack Nicklaus had 14 majors at age 36 and didn’t win another major until age 38. Tiger has 2 and half years left–or 11 majors–to stay on pace with Jack by winning just 1 major. Of course, Tiger wants to beat Jack’s record, so he should be ahead of Jack’s pace.

On the other hand, the more troubling aspects of Tiger’s game are threefold: (1) his injuries, (2) his putting, and (3) his mental side. Although Tiger won at Bay Hill, we also have seen him face trouble with all three of these bugaboos. We used to think the injuries would be the biggest threat to his run at Jack’s record, but now, we think it may be his putting and mental side. When you lose the magic as the world’s most dominant golfer, how do you capture it back? Or can you?


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