The Golf Blog: Why Kevin Na should ignore flak from golf media for slow play and driver yips

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The Golf Blog says: Kevin Na is the leader (-12) heading into the final round of the Players Championship at Sawgrass. Yet his odd pre-shot routine consisting of numerous waggles–and sometimes his inability to swing the club, forcing him to back away and yell at himself–have generated a lot of negative commentary about his pace of play. (ESPN’s article was over the top, and borderline offensive.) Na has the closest thing to come to having the yips off the tee. He just can’t pull the trigger. He’s tormented inside.

Amazingly, though, Kevin Na played a near flawless round yesterday. He sits a top of the leader board, one stroke ahead of Matt Kuchar. Unlike most of the golf media, we did not mind Na’s pace of play, or the extra drama he adds on the tee. Na should ignore everyone and just play his own game. As long as he doesn’t violate the speed of play, Na should take as many waggles (see Jason Dufner who takes 6 waggles or more) and reloads as he wants to get comfortable. In other words, Na shouldn’t change his approach all of a sudden just because some members of the golf media have criticized him.

Na should take a lesson from the world of tennis. Maria Sharapova and Monica Seles have been criticized by the media for their squealing during their shots in tennis. One tournament, Seles was so affected by the criticism that she remained silent in the finals and then lost. In her career, Seles won 9 majors. Sharapova, to our knowledge, has never changed her squealing. And she’s won 3 majors. Na should take their examples to heart. Play within the rules of golf, and don’t change just because the media don’t like the way you play.

Click here for Kevin Na getting heckled in final round on Sunday


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