The Golf Blog: Should Tiger Woods hire Dave Pelz and Dave Stockton to reenergize major run?

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The Golf Blog says: Tiger Woods won 3 tournaments in 2012, but no majors. As Rory McIlroy ironically quoted Tiger on Sunday, it’s only a good year if you win but without winning a major. Now that the majors are over for the year, it’s time for Tiger to reassess his game and how he might improve his chances of winning a major in 2013.

Brandel Chamblee has been outspoken in his view that Tiger Woods should dump swing coach Sean Foley, whom Chamblee believes is too mechanical (if not quack medicine-like) in approach.

We’re not so sure Foley has been a failure. Tiger’s driving and scoring average rank 4th and 1st, respectively, on tour. He’s also 1st in GIR from 175-200 yards out. There were tournaments this year that Tiger hit it purer than he has in a long time. That shows progress.

Where does Tiger need improvement? Well, the stats don’t lie. Tiger’s wedges and short irons are abysmal. He ranks near the bottom of the field from short distances:

Approaches from 50-125 yards 19′ 7″ 134th 25 yards – 1,549.583
Approaches from 50-75 yards 17′ 11″ 144th 5 yards – 89.500
Approaches from 75-100 yards 20′ 3″ 168th 00 yards – 404.417
Approaches from 100-125 yards 19′ 7″ 80th 125 yards – 1,055.667
Approaches from 125-150 yards 22′ 10″ 71st 150 yards – 1,803.167

That means Tiger is not getting many of his easy approach shots near the hole. That’s a problem when the putter is cold, as it has been this year for Tiger as shown below in the stats:

Putting from Inside 5′ 96.94% 40th
Putting from 5-10′ 60.00% 27th
Putting from – 10-15′ 27.47% 134th
Putting from – 15-20′ 12.31% 182nd
Putting from – 20-25′ 19.23% 7th
Putting from – > 25′ 6.85% 36th
Putting from 5-15′ 46.30% 76th
Putting from 15-25′ 15.38% 82nd
Putting from 3-5′ 90.80% 20th

These stats jump out from the page. Tiger’s short game and putting need improvement. It may be time to bring in the Phil Mickelson crew of short game and putting wizards, Dave Pelz and Dave Stockton. They can help Tiger get back on track, at least to provide another set of eyes to see what’s going on with Tiger’s short game. Whether Tiger needs to bring in a mental coach like Bob Rotella remains to be seen. Ernie Els just won the British Open with sports psychologist Dr. Sherylle Calder, whom he thanked in his post-victory speech. So perhaps it’s worth a try, especially after Tiger admitted that he tried to “enjoy it” on Saturday only to have it backfire. It’s hard to imagine someone who has won so many majors is still searching for the right mental approach to close out majors.


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