The Golf Blog: Why is Greg Norman so jealous of Tiger Woods?

mulligan, 19 September 2012, Comments Off on The Golf Blog: Why is Greg Norman so jealous of Tiger Woods?
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The Golf Blog says: There he goes again. Greg Norman is up to his old tricks. Last year, Norman criticized Woods for being selected to the President’s Cup by Fred Couples. Norman also suggested that Tiger will never win a major again. And this past week, Norman said to Fox Sports that Woods is “intimidated” by Rory McIlroy. Not only that, but Norman said that he took the baton from Jack Nicklaus: “Jack took it from Arnold (Palmer). I took it from Jack, Tiger from me.”

Norman’s comments are laughable on so many levels. First, let’s set the record straight: Norman never took the baton from Nicklaus; Norman shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same breath as Nicklaus. The only players who could claim to be the baton receivers from Jack are 8-time major winner Tom Watson, or 14-time major winner Tiger Woods. That’s it. 2-time major winner (and many time major loser) Greg Norman ain’t even in the conversation.

Second, the idea that Tiger is intimidated by Rory is preposterous. If anything, Woods is too chummy with Rory. But being too friendly is a far cry from being intimidated. Both Rory and Tiger got a good laugh at Norman’s suggestion.

Jack Nicklaus himself had the best reaction to Norman’s suggestion: “Quiet, Greg, quiet. Down boy.”


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