Review: The New Wilson Staff D-100 Driver

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For many the jury is still out on Wilson but I think few would argue with the quality of their latest driver, the Wilson Staff D-100. Their latest offering features an enhanced cup face design with variable face thickness technology as well as a light weight shaft and grip. What does this all mean? Well… not only is it one of the lightest drivers on the market but also most advanced. The designers over at Wilson have optimised the club so that weight is distributed to the sole of the club so that non-essential weight is removed.

It has been reported that Wilson bought in a brand new team specifically for this range including a brand new designer. The aim was to deliver some of the most cutting edge clubs in the company’s history and it’s fair to say that they are not far off. But how does it perform out on the course? In truth extremely well but this won’t be a club for everyone. Some may moan about the level of offset and how thick the top line is but it’s important to note that this club is really only designed for the highest handicap golfers.

Ultra-light is the latest buzz word in golf at the moment, but many companies have compromised performance for the sake of weight. This is not the case with the Wilson Staff D-100. Not only is it light but it is also extremely accurate. The fusion of high end design and light weight means that players can not only hit the ball faster and hit it further but also place the balls exactly where they want them.

Tests carried out showed that players achieved +4 swing speeds and +6 ball speeds which in turn led to an increased range of 10 years and much greater accuracy. Player’s perception of not only the driver but also the entire range has been very good. At we love the Wilson Staff D-100 Driver and we believe it has to be up there with some of the best on the market. Its diversity and weight make a great joy to play with and we hope the new team over at Wilson continue to deliver such great clubs.

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