The Golf Blog: Tiger Woods can still catch Jack Nicklaus’s record of 18 majors–this year

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The Golf Blog says: It’s time to revive the discussion about Tiger Woods chasing down Jack Nicklaus’s record of 18 majors. With 2 impressive early victories under his belt, something he hasn’t done since 2005, Tiger is the prohibitive favorite at the Masters coming up soon. At 37 years old, Tiger can move ahead of Jack’s pace. Both had 14 majors at age 37 years old. Jack didn’t get No. 15 until age 38, so a major this year would propel Tiger again ahead of Jack’s pace. Tiger, in fact, has been ahead of Jack’s pace only until recently after Tiger went into a 4-plus year drought following knee surgery and his divorce, not to mention swing issues under old coach Hank Haney, who couldn’t fix Tiger’s “Big Miss” with the driver and eventually quit.

Tiger’s swing this year looks really solid, plus, after a putting lesson from Steve Stricker, Tiger’s putting as well as he ever has.

At the Honda Classic, Johnny Miller told Jack that his record was looking pretty safe. Jack demurred and said he still thought Tiger would break the record, given Tiger’s age and talent. At the time, Johnny’s assessment seemed more on target. But after last week’s impressive victory and putting barrage for Tiger, Jack’s comment may be back in play. And, if we can dream of a magical Grand Slam year for a second, Tiger could catch Jack this year. Unlikely, true, but it makes you realize that Tiger is still within striking distance even after his long major drought over the past 4 years.

Click here for the chart comparing Tiger and Jack


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