The Golf Blog: Johnny Miller says Rory McIlroy’s switch to Nike clubs will hurt him at Masters

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The Golf Blog says: If you have been reading The Golf Blog, you know that, for over one month, we have been asking, imploring, Rory McIlroy to switch back to his old Titleist clubs to prepare for the Masters. We think his trusty old clubs will give him the best chance at the Masters next week. Rory switched to Nike clubs, ball, and putter in 2013, and his play has been erratic and substandard for Rory’s caliber–only two rounds out of 12 in the 60s with Nike clubs (with one missed cut, one withdrawal, one first-round elimination in match play), compared to last year’s 7 of 8 rounds in the 60s, one victory, one second place, and one third place. This year, Rory’s 50th in scoring average (click here for stats). Last year, Rory ranked 1st in scoring average. Clearly, Rory needs more time to get used to his Nike equipment, but he doesn’t have that much time left before the Masters next week. Click here for all the posts on this issue.

Well, Johnny Miller has spoken and he agrees with The Golf Blog’s view. Johnny wrote in his Masters predictions: “Rory’s switch to Nike clubs might cost him in the majors this year. They could be great clubs, but it takes time to adjust to a whole new set — especially when he had so much momentum late in 2012 with his old ones. Trust me: I switched to new clubs in 1976 and was never the same golfer. I wish Rory the best, but it might take three months to a year before he’s fully comfortable with his new gear. It takes time to trust them under major pressure.”

If you are listening, Rory, please consider pulling out the Titleist clubs. Winning a green jacket is worth way more than $100 million.


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