If Professional Golfers Were BMWs

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Whether it’s the PGA, the Ryder Cup, the International Open, the Championship, the Masters or the Golf Cup International, BMW sponsored golf events have provided a packed sporting schedule for many years.
While 2013 sees BMW celebrating 25 years of the Open, the partnership of green and machine began in 1981 with the amateur BMW Invitation Tournament flourishing ever since. But have you ever wondered which golfer would fit which Beemer?

Tiger Woods
You’d think with those notorious long drives, Tiger would be a high performance BMW, like the G-Power tuned M5 Hurricane RR, the fastest saloon on the road. But Tiger’s not about speed. His most enduring trait is the cool, collected manner that caught the eye of the mainstream media to begin with. So for that reason he’s the new M6 Gran Coupe. Sophisticated and steely, with its luxury interior, you could drive the family home to your folks. But with its M sports trim and over 500bhp, you can let loose and really put in some yardage.

Matteo Manassero
He is the youngest player to compete in an Open, the youngest winner of a Masters, the youngest triple European tour winner. Hot-to-trot, twenty year old Matteo’s 2013 PGA victory last month also meant he’s the youngest player to win at any of BMW’s sponsored golf events. Naturally this will make him one of the youngest BMWs possible; the new 4 Series Coupe. Unveiled at the Detroit Motor Show in January, its lower roofline, suspension and grinning dropped grill gives the 4 Series a youthful facelift, neatly matching Matteo’s speedy and smiley style of play.

BMW 4 series

Bubba Watson
Famed for his stunt shot YouTube series, Masters-winning Bubba is back to his old tricks. He recently revealed his brand new hovercraft-converted golf cart. Bubba Watson’s style of play and perceptions of the environment around him could be likened to the appearance, performance and thought behind the BMW i8 Concept. With its sleek futuristic design, lightweight aluminium chassis and plug-in hybrid technology, Bubba and this revolutionary car are the perfect match.

Angel Cabrera
Ah, The Duck … Angel’s characteristic wide gait has won him as many friends as his white-knuckle sudden death playoff win against Campbell and Perry at the 2009 Masters. A striking force on the fairway, Angel is the BMW X5, a muscly all-wheel drive with the spirit of a sport saloon. Also now he’s packed in the smokes, you can compare him to the low emission X5 BluePerformance.

BMW x5

Sir Nick Faldo
Sir Nick’s trophy cabinet has more gold than any other European player. He played with precision and elegance which means he can only be compared to the timeless design of the BMW Z4 Roadster. Powerful and unique are both words which can be associated with the golfing legend and this classic roadster. Sir Nick Faldo’s place in the history books is firmly cemented with his multiple major victories, countless achievements and awards. He won with a style which mirrors the inspiring and striking classic look of the Z4 Roadster.

There you have it. Five golfers, five BMWs. And if any of them have trouble in the rough? Let’s hope they’ve got BMW’s xDrive all-wheel drive technology to help them get out of it!

This post was sponsored by BMW.


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