The Golf Blog: Jack Nicklaus says Rory McIlroy has talent to win 15 to 20 majors

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The Golf Blog says: Jack Nicklaus is a good judge of talent. And now he says that Rory McIlroy can win 15 to 20 majors if he stays focused on golf. “I think Rory is an unbelievable talent. I love his swing, I love his rhythm, I love his moxie. He’s got a little swagger there, it’s a little bit cocky but not offensive. I like that. I like the self-confidence in a young man. He’s got an unbelievable amount of speed in his golf swing, he obviously hits the ball a heck of a long way. And he hits in there consistently and how he controls it.

“It depends on what he feels his priorities are and that’s his call. I think Rory has an opportunity to win 15 or 20 majors or whatever he wants to do if he wants to keep playing. But you just don’t know what the guy’s priorities are going to be in life 10 years from now.”

Not sure if it was intentional, but 15 would be more than where Tiger currently stands. Jack also said he thought Tiger had 10 more years of majors if he stays healthy. “That’s 40 — at least 40 — majors to win. I believe Tiger will do that IF his health remains good. Nobody every wants their records broken, that’s obvious. But I don’t want him to NOT break the records because he’s not healthy. That’s certainly not in the cards of what I would like to see. Or what anybody would like to see.”

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