The Golf Blog: What is Butch Harmon afraid of?

mulligan, 27 August 2014, Comments Off on The Golf Blog: What is Butch Harmon afraid of?
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The Golf Blog says: For someone who hasn’t been asked yet, Butch Harmon has been pretty eager to pour cold water on the mere idea of reuniting with Tiger Woods as his swing coach. Butch has already said he wouldn’t do it, and Tiger wouldn’t ever ask. Yesterday, he even said that Tiger would be better off coaching himself. Yeah, right. Has Butch seen Tiger drive the ball?

So what’t the real reason that Butch Harmon has tried to nix the idea of a Tiger reunion before it even becomes a possibility. It could be simply pride and too many bridges burned from the last go-around with Tiger. Both Tiger and Butch have huge egos, and both can be stubborn. But the same could be said of Lebron James, and look what the King did this summer.

Another possibility is that Butch Harmon is afraid of failing so late and in the twilight of his coaching career, when his reputation is at an all time high. Nearly everyone thinks that Tiger’s swing was best under Butch’s watch. The 8 majors in 7 years attest to that. People would likely expect that Butch could get Tiger back to winning majors. The expectations would be super high that Butch could get Tiger back to his old magic. But if that doesn’t happen and Tiger doesn’t win any more majors, Butch’s reputation would be hurt. At 71 years of age, Butch might not be willing to take that risk, even if it involves the chance of making history as Tiger chases (down) Jack Nicklaus’s record of 18 majors. Butch just might not be up for the challenge. But if Tiger asks and Butch refuses, it will be Butch’s loss as much as it will be Tiger’s and ours.


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