The Golf Blog: Robert Allenby account getting stranger by the minute

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The Golf Blog says: The homeless woman who reportedly helped Robert Allenby is giving a somewhat conflicting story of what happened, according to the Honolulu Star Advertiser.

Charade Keane is the homeless woman’s name and she doesn’t seem to confirm the part about seeing Allenby being thrown from a car by 3 men. Instead, she saw Allenby talking to 2 homeless men whom she knows near Diamond Head-makai corner of Kapiolani Boulevard and Pii-koi Street. According to Keane, Allenby was negotiating to pay $500 to get his wallet and cellphone back from the 2 homeless men, and that’s when she said she intervened to get Allenby away from the 2 men. A military EMT then helped Allenby get a cab to his hotel after coming upon him and Keane. More here.

Allenby said he received a blow to the head and doesn’t remember exactly what happened.

Here are the questions we need more information about:

1. How did Allenby get from the Wine Bar to wherever he went afterwards?

2. Did Allenby attempt to interact with either the 2 homeless men, the homeless woman, or the 3 other men he said kidnapped him for something other than trying to get away from a beating and robbery? Was there some prior dealing with any of them before being beaten and robbed? What was the nature of Allenby’s contact?

3. How did Allenby take a selfie of himself after the robbery if his phone was stolen? And why publicize a selfie of yourself beaten up?

4. Have Allenby’s credit cards been deactivated? Why haven’t photographs of the person(s) who tried to use the credit cards been released by the police?

5. If Allenby feared for his life during the robbery, should he have security protection while the perpetrators are on the loose?

6. Why didn’t Allenby show outrage to Steve Sands’ question indicating that people were skeptical of Allenby’s story?


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