The Golf Blog: Tiger Woods secretly working with Butch Harmon during layoff

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The Golf Blog says: The golfing world’s prayers have finally been answered. During his extended layoff from tournament play since February (after suddenly experiencing the yips in his short game), Tiger Woods has been secretly working with Butch Harmon to get his game “tournament ready” for the Masters. The reason why we have not seen or heard from Tiger since he announced his leave from tournament play is that he wanted to maintain complete secrecy about his reunion with Butch Harmon, in order to avoid the “media frenzy” or hysteria that would ensue. Of course, many skeptics doubted a reunion between Tiger and Butch was possible, especially not with Phil Mickelson still working with Butch. But Tiger’s close confidant Notah Begay just leaked the story–with Tiger’s approval–on his Twitter account in anticipation of next week’s Masters.

“Sometimes you need to hit rock bottom before you swallow your pride and go back to what helped bring you the most success,” Begay said. “I think Tiger realized that it was just time to go back to Butch. Lebron James went back to Cleveland. And Tiger just wanted to go back to what was most comfortable.”

According to Begay, Tiger has been working with Butch on his driver as well as his short game in preparation for the Masters. “If Butch can’t fix it, no one can,” Begay said. “I think Tiger will be ready. You’d be a fool to bet against him. A complete fool.”


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