The Golf Blog: PGA Tour to Donald Trump, “You’re fired.”

mulligan, 02 June 2016, Comments Off on The Golf Blog: PGA Tour to Donald Trump, “You’re fired.”
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The Golf Blog says: The PGA Tour announced that it was moving the World Golf Championship event from Donald Trump’s Doral course in Miami to Mexico. According to the PGA Tour, no sponsors wanted to continue to sponsor the event at Trump’s course, apparently given his controversial comments about Mexicans, Muslims, and women.

Trump blasted the PGA Tour for the move: “I just heard that the PGA Tour is taking their tournament out of Miami and moving it to Mexico. They’re moving it to Mexico City — which, by the way, I hope they have kidnapping insurance. But they’re moving it to Mexico City. And I’m saying, you know, what’s going on here? It’s so sad when you look what’s going on with our country.”

When Rory McIlroy heard the news, he quipped, “We’ll just jump over the wall,” referring to the wall Trump intends to build if elected president.


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