Arnold Palmer dies at 87 years of age — long live the King

mulligan, 25 September 2016, Comments Off on Arnold Palmer dies at 87 years of age — long live the King
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The Golf Blog says: It’s a sad day today as Arnold Palmer died at the age of 87 years old, apparently due to heart complications. He wasn’t in good health this year, but attended the Masters and hosted his tourney at Bay Hill. Palmer, who won 7 majors and 62 PGA Tour events during his storied career, was nicknamed “the King,” for his popularity among fans, who were known as his “army.” Palmer helped to increase the interest in golf among “regular people.”

Jack Nicklaus issued a statement on Arnold’s passing, which stated in part:

“Arnold transcended the game of golf. He was more than a golfer or even great golfer. He was an icon. He was a legend. Arnold was someone who was a pioneer in his sport. He took the game from one level to a higher level, virtually by himself. Along the way, he had millions of adoring fans–Barbara and I among them. We were great competitors, who loved competing against each other, but we were always great friends along the way. Arnold always had my back, and I had his. We were always there for each other. That never changed.

He was the king of our sport and always will be.”


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