Memorial, Day 1

mulligan, 02 June 2005, Comments Off on Memorial, Day 1
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The Memorial Tournament had a few surprises today (although b/c of work, I wasn’t there to see them). Jeff Sluman is leading at -7, shooting an impressive 65. Leaderboard here.

1. Surprise No. 1: Vijay shooting +5, 77. Wow, maybe he does need a mulligan. See yesterday’s post.

2. Surprise No. 2: Lucas Glover shooting -5. Yesterday, I got to see a bunch of people. One foursome had 4 young “unknown” players. One of them stood out to me. It was this guy who had a Southern accent and who clearly knew the course b/c he was telling his playing partners where to hit it. And the guy drove the ball a mile, with a swing that had a slight out-to-in, 2 plane track. Well, I looked on his bag: and it was Lucas Glover. Apparently, he’s 11th in Driving Distance on tour.

3. Surprise No. 3: 22-year-old Sean O’Hair (who finished runner up at the Byron Nelson) shot a -3, 69, tied for 13th with Tiger Woods and others.

Of course, Day 1 doesn’t necessarily mean much unless you dig yourself a big hole like Vijay.


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