The Open: more Mulligan kudos and more "Big" Five frustration

mulligan, 17 July 2005, Comments Off on The Open: more Mulligan kudos and more "Big" Five frustration
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AllCarry in this post gives Mulligan some props for predicting Tiger would win at least 2 majors this year, but he also asserts that Mulligan is “usually filled with hot air.” I am writing primarily to defend Mulligan’s honor, particularly because I found all of his reports from St. Andrews to be fantastic reading adding real value to my experience watching the event on TV. (I’ve linked all those posts below.)

I also write to assert that those looking for hot air should just look to any commentator who continues talking about the “Big Five.” With the exception of Tiger (and perhaps a little Retief relief for 3 days at Pinehurst), the Big Five have been mostly a big bust in the majors this year. I continue to want to believe that someone — anyone — will make a Sunday charge at Tiger, but it has been the likes of Chris DiMarco and Bob May that have pushed Tiger to find his best golf on the final rounds in the majors.

I suppose I should not be frustrated that Tiger has, yet again, separated himself from other golfers of his generation. And, as my Dad put it today, Tiger’s return to greatness now means it is fun to root against him again.

Mulligan’s great reports from The Open:


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