NEC Invitational: Woods, Singh, & Stenson Lead After Round 1

mulligan, 18 August 2005, Comments Off on NEC Invitational: Woods, Singh, & Stenson Lead After Round 1
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After the first round of the NEC Invitational, two household names are in the lead: Woods and Singh. Woods is known for his great play and “Hulk Hogan” like motions to the crowd while chasing up the leaderboard, as well as leaving the PGA Championship early because he believed that Phil or someone would beat him. Singh, who has a soul patch many would die for, is known for endless hours of practice, the putting stats of a 12 handicap, and yet still ranking #2 on the money list and formerly #1 in the world. Then there is Henrik Stenson… Excuse me, do you say HENRIK STENSON?? Yes, Henrik had it to 6-under par today and if he didn’t bogey 6 and 7 coming in, he would be the leader at the NEC Invitational.

So who is this Stenson guy?? Well being any good golf fan, internet junkie, blogger, I started with and sure enough the man has his own website. So what can we learn from his website…

Henrik is 6’1″ tall (187 cm for those metric readers), 80 kg (176 lbs for those with that crazy US system. For those who don’t believe me, check here), he lives in Dubai, and for all those lucky ladies out there, he is single. However, the way he is kissing the trophy in the picture on his website might help explain why he’s single. Apparently, a family friend introduced Henrik to the game of golf. Then, you find out that at the dinner table, you’ll find Henrik, Ingemar (his father), and Ulrika (his sister), whose names sound like they are cast members of the movie Shrek or the Princess Bride. Continuing to pursue his website, you notice that he was a member of the 1994 Swedish Boys Team, I wonder if that is anything like the Swedish Bikini Team? Apparently, the Swedish National teams have produced the likes of Annika, Liselotte Neumann and Helen Alfredsson, and now they have produced Henrik. Finally, he is taught by Peter Cowen. Apparently, he is a big name in Dubai, having his own golf academy. Ok, enough joking around.

I watched Henrik play a few holes today and I could see why he is 4-under par. Henrik has a great swing and seems to be adapting to Akron, Ohio quite well. Qualifying for the NEC Invitational after winning the 2004 Heritage, I will be rooting for Henrik to keep up the good play.


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