August Question: And the winner is…

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GottaBreak80, who wrote this compelling answer explaining why Tiger won’t match Jack’s 18 majors:

A. Tiger will not have Jack’s longevity. Jack was a mature man when he won most of his majors, while Tiger is a sheltered, immature kid, who has just gotten married, has not had to deal with kids, has not lost a parent yet, etc.Tiger has also not had a life yet. His popularity has forced him into a social jail and he may face a major mid-life crisis early in his career. The constant mdeia scrutiny will not allow him to continue his career well into his forties.

B. Tiger had his sights on Jack all his life. Everyone has their sights on Tiger today. Many of his competitors would like nothing more than to see him fail and they will attack on all fronts to do that. That will make Tiger’s life a lot harder.

C. Tiger might have an amazing short game, but he is has a lot of problems with his driving. Haney’s work has not done fixed anything yet, and may never will. Tiger has no problems with Autgusta (no rough) and St. Andrews (no rough). But he has problems when it comes to keeping it in the short grass on US Open and PGA tracks. The only reason he gets away with it sometimes is that he has gone to better equipment that allows him to carry it so far. It’s always easier to hit a more lofted club out of rough than a long iron.

D. As I stated above (B), Tiger has a lot more competition than Jack ever did. Maybe not in quality but rather in quantity. So many young players want to beat him, so many older players want to beat him, that his chances are lower than Jack’s were competing against a few good players of his era. And once again, equipment has made it easier for the unknowns to claim the hardware. Did Jack have Beems, Micheels, Hamilltons and Curtises to deal with at every major? Not to mention the Furyks, Toms, Elses, Singhs, Michelsons, Goosens and Leonards…Tiger can’t and won’t do it. He had one long slump, a longer one is not that far behind….

Great job, GottaBreak80! Jack would be proud of you for defending his record. Write us at tgbmailbag[at symbol] to claim your prize.

Everyone else enter September’s Question contest for your chance at a free dozen golf balls of your choice. Given the number of entries so far, your odds may be really good.


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