Sean O’Hair + David Duval > Tiger

mulligan, 17 February 2006, Comments Off on Sean O’Hair + David Duval > Tiger
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OK, dokey, Sean O’Hair finally made a cut this year, posting a nice 69 for -3 for the tourney. David Duval is at -2, and he also made the cut. Tiger is sick and is struggling at -1 with 2 holes left. The cut line is at even. Leaderboard.

I couldn’t figure out if I should use “>” or “<" for the golf scores. O'Hair and Duval are beating Tiger, but, technically, their scores are less than Tiger's. Hopefully, you figured it out. UPDATE 2.0: The Golf Blog must have become just as big as Sports Illustrated, because we just put an incredible jinx on Tiger Woods today, who is admittedly sick. First, allCarry had the gall to ask if Tiger would win this week (see here). Then, I foolishly posted the above post after Tiger finished the 16th hole at -1. So what does Tiger do after my post? He goes bogey-bogey, to miss the cut at +1. Sorry, Tiger, we didn’t mean to jinx you. Holy smokes! The cut line just shifted to +1. Tiger, you’re right back in it, sort of.


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