Cambo: Wie should win before playing European Masters

mulligan, 18 May 2006, Comments Off on Cambo: Wie should win before playing European Masters
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As we reported here, Michelle Wie received a sponsor’s exemption to play the men’s European Masters on September 7. Reigning U.S. Open Champion Michael Campbell takes issue with that selection (here).

“I can be politically correct and say it’s wonderful to see Michelle Wie at a European Tour event. She is a wonderful talent, I’ve heard she hits it as long as the guys. But she needs to prove, to herself more so than anybody else, that she can win on the ladies’ tour before she can actually come out and make a cut on the European or US Tour. It’s great for the Tour but I think it takes away a sponsor’s invite for a guy who is struggling to actually regain his card.”

Then 5’4″ Ian Woosnam added: “The sponsors are entitled to invite whoever they like. She’s a fantastic little player – well, not little, she hits it by me a long way. Unfortunately there’s always going to be criticism. It’s going to take a spot away from another player.”

So what these guys forget is that Michelle’s got a bunch of LPGA tournaments left to play before the September 7 European Masters. With Annika off her game a little, Michelle probably has a better chance than ever to capture her first LPGA victory. Let’s see how the summer shakes out. The sponsors may end up looking like geniuses.

But the biggest thing I wonder about: what Freudian slip caused 5’4″ Ian Woosnam to refer initially to 6’1″ Michelle Wie as “little”? C’mon, the “little” girl’s over a half a foot taller than Woosie.


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