Tiger’s losing Ryder Cup record

mulligan, 05 September 2006, Comments Off on Tiger’s losing Ryder Cup record
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As dominant as Tiger Woods is, only one mystery remains about his game: why does he have a losing Ryder Cup record of 7-11-2? Except for the miraculous comeback at The Country Club, Tiger Woods has not led a U.S. team to victory in the Ryder Cup. Even in singles, he only has a 2-1-1 record. As one writer put it, “He beats the pants off everyone during the regular season, but when it comes to this bi-annual postseason, he has underachieved.”

I will have more to say why I believe that Tiger Woods is the greatest player ever, right now — regardless of whether he beats Jack’s 18 majors. But this is the one mystery that I still cannot explain. Tiger should be able to dominate the Ryder Cup even more than Jack did. But he hasn’t, at least not yet.


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