Tiger putting painful smackdown on Sabbatini on Sunday

mulligan, 05 August 2007, Comments Off on Tiger putting painful smackdown on Sabbatini on Sunday
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Well, we got the pairing we wanted: Tiger Woods and Rory Sabbatini (who earlier this year said Tiger’s “more beatable than ever” and he “wants Tiger”).

Can you guess what happened? After 6 holes, Tiger is 4-under FOR THE DAY and Sabbatini is 1-over. Within 6-holes, Tiger changed a 1-shot deficit to a 4-shot lead over Sabbatini. Talk about Tiger smackdown. This is why I love Tiger Woods.

This brings back flashbacks of the smackdown Tiger put on Stephen Ames, who criticized his ball striking.


: Oh my God. Tiger is beating Rory Sabbatini today by 10 strokes!!!! Tiger is 5 under for the day, Rory is 5 over for the day. Game over. Tiger has no mercy. I guess Tiger is more beatable than ever, Rory.


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