Tiger Woods: going undefeated in 2008 is possible

mulligan, 28 February 2008, Comments Off on Tiger Woods: going undefeated in 2008 is possible
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Some of our commenters scoffed at my suggestion that Tiger Woods could run the table and go undefeated for 2008. I guess I don’t see why people think this is somehow impossible. Tiger practically never misses a cut, and when he’s playing even his B-game, he’s pretty unbeatable. The guy’s won 6 in a row, so I’m puzzled why people think he can’t go 15-0 this year (or however many tourneys he plays).

Just for the record, Tiger himself has said his goal is to go undefeated this year:

“I have been asked whether I think I can go undefeated this year. I pointed out that when I was 11, I went 36-0, so I’ve already had a perfect season. Is it realistic? No. But why would you go to a tournament if you don’t think you can win? That’s my expectation of myself. That’s the way I think and how I’ve always played golf.”


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