Take a mulligan: keeping mum on David Duval

mulligan, 23 January 2006, Comments Off on Take a mulligan: keeping mum on David Duval
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A few of the comments suggest that I should talk more about David Duval making 2 straight cuts this year (the total number he made last year). I’d rather not. Why? Better not to jinx the guy; I just want to let the guy play. But if you want to know how much I really want DD to come back, look no further than these posts from the past. Enough said. I’ve probably said too much already.

1. David Duval on leaderboard (2005)
2. Bigger comeback: seve or duval (2005)
3. (Dis)equilibrium theory (2005)
4. DD spotting (2004)
5. DD: making my way back (2004)
6. David Duval, a different man (2004)
7. Daly in, Duval out (2004)
8. David Duval (2004)
9. News flash: duval to play U.S. Open (2004)
10. David Duval (2004)


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